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The Viking Longship Project

Til Valhalla Viking Longship Project

"Row and Sail for Veterans:
Support Til Valhalla Charity's Viking Longship Journey
to Raise £300,000!"

Skol, kind-hearted souls and supporters of veterans!


We invite you to join us on an epic odyssey to make a lasting impact on the lives of our heroes. Til Valhalla Veterans Charity is setting sail on an ambitious mission – to acquire a Viking longship that will become a symbol of hope and transformation for veterans and their spouses.

But our fundraising journey serves a dual purpose. Not only will we raise funds to purchase the Viking longship, but we'll also secure resources for a vital support vessel. This support vessel will act as a backup boat, ensuring safety and security should anything go wrong during any part of our daring journey.

This endeavour is no ordinary feat; it's an amazing physical rowing challenge for those brave souls who embark on this voyage.


Our Viking longship won't merely sail the seas; it will sail in the hearts of those who need it most. With your support, we aim to raise £300,000 to purchase this remarkable vessel, the support boat and to equip them for a journey that will touch the lives of countless veterans.

How Will We Use Your Donations?

  • Viking Longship: Your contributions will help us acquire this iconic vessel, embodying strength and resilience.

  • Support Vessel and Equipment: We will also purchase a support vessel and equip both the longship and the support vessel with everything needed to ensure a safe and successful voyage.

  • Sailing for a Cause: The longship will embark on a voyage around the UK, with stages open to participants who raise funds for each leg of the journey, adding an extra layer of challenge and meaning.

  • Funds for Veterans: Every penny raised from these voyages will directly benefit veterans and their spouses facing hardship. Your donation paves their path to a brighter future.

Our Mission


Transforming Lives At Til Valhalla, we believe in holistic support. We're committed to helping veterans and their spouses with vocational training, mental and physical health support and the guidance they need to find a fulfilling employment pathway.

By contributing to our Viking longship and support vessel project and helping us raise £300,000, you become a part of a powerful journey that offers hope, opportunities and a chance for a better life to those who've served their nations selflessly.

Join us in honouring our veterans and their spouses and help us make this dream a reality. Your donation is not just about a boats and equipment; it's about changing lives and creating a brighter future for those who've sacrificed so much.

Together, we'll sail to Valhalla, where our heroes belong and live forever. Donate now and be a part of this incredible mission!

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