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Life is not easy after a military career.  As a result, veterans and their families require your assistance right now.  Whether you raise money, provide your services, sponsor or pledge corporate support for a veteran, become a charitable partner or make a donation, you will significantly impact the lives of veterans and their families. They are in need of your help today more than ever. 


Til Valhalla Charitable Partnerships


Collaboration with us will benefit your organisation while also supporting the community of our armed forces personnel, from multinational companies to small-business business owners.
Learn more about how your organisation may join forces with us and form a Charitable Partnership with Til Valhalla. 


Your assistance enables veterans and their families to get assistance with education, personal growth and employment opportunities to get on the right path.   Additionally they can seek assistance with their physical and mental health. 

Make a donation now.

Make a donation to the Til Valhalla Charity
Til Valhalla Patrons Pathway to employment programme


The term "Patrons Pathway" refers to the Til Valhalla programme, in which an organisation invests in a veteran by paying for their training and subsequently employing them.  Hiring former military soldiers for your firm is an excellent solution because veterans have multiple skills and are recognised as flexible and deserving team members.


When you "Sponsor a Veteran," your donation is used directly to sponsor veteran training courses.  These contributions are critical in allowing us to provide the best authorised training programmes that can serve as the initial step on the path to employment. By donating specifically to Sponsor a Veteran, you know that your contribution has helped this worthy cause.

Sponsor a veterans training course
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