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Patrons Pathway

Through our "Patrons Pathway" programme, an organisation is paired with a veteran, makes an investment in the veteran by paying for their training and then makes an employment offer. 

Veteran employees are an excellent choice for your company because they have a variety of talents and are seen as flexible and deserving team members.

We actively connect your business with the veteran and then determine where training can complement their present talents and meet your company's requirements, making this far more focused than just a recruitment service or a job posting site.

Patrons Pathway Pledge programme

Would your organisation be interested in our "Patrons Pathway" programme?

Our "Patrons Pathway" Programme provides numerous benefits to organisations since military members are accustomed to being focused, creating goals, and achieving objectives.  Military trained personnel frequently share the same unique skills, such as being goal-driven, trained leaders, responsible, decisive, analytical, devoted, and organizationally minded, to name a few.

Those with military leadership experience and management expertise make veterans and reservists ideal candidates for many roles when leaving the forces.

Our "Patrons Pathway" Programme allows companies to form mutual beneficial relationships though the Til Valhalla Charity by the following process:

  1. introduction to potential candidates;

  2. candidate selection and agreement to proceed

  3. relevant training course identification

  4. training courses undertaken

  5. work experience provided by the adopting company

  6. full employment contract offered to the candidate.

Read about our "Patrons Pathway" success stories here.

If you are interested in finding out more about our "Patrons Pathway" Programme for your organisation - please click the link below and complete the note of interest form and one of our team will contact you.

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