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About Til Valhalla

We hold our armed forces in the highest regard and Til Valhalla Charity was established to pay tribute to and care for veterans during their transition from the military to civilian life or at any other point in life when they need support.


The charity provides a range of charitable services to former members of the British armed forces and FVEY coalition nations who reside in the UK, aiming to be a consistent source of friendship, support, employment and community engagement.


The charity's focus is on empowering veterans and their spouses through vocational training, financial assistance and improving their physical and mental health. Additionally, the charity extends its impact to the local community by providing public benefits through inclusive services and activities.

Why do we call ourselves Til Valhalla?


Our charity is called "Til Valhalla" because it draws inspiration from the ancient Viking warrior ideology and their belief in Valhalla – the Viking afterlife.  The Viking warriors were motivated by a warrior culture that valued qualities like bravery, toughness and loyalty. According to their beliefs, warriors who demonstrated these exceptional qualities in battle were expected to go to Valhalla and to Valhöll, the hall of the god Odin, in the afterlife.

The charity's name, "Til Valhalla," represents its dedication to honouring the bravery, devotion and sacrifice of veterans, much like the slain Viking warriors who were going to Valhalla.  The name honours and supports veterans in their transition from military life to civilian life and beyond, when hardship can occur and acknowledges the difficulties and obstacles they endured while serving.  In keeping with the Viking warrior's pursuit of fame and reward in Valhalla, the organisation hopes to be a continual source of support and empowerment for veterans.

Our Objectives

Pre-Support Services

Improve Physical and Mental Health

Enhance Vocational Training Support

Facilitate Employment Opportunities

Post-Employment Support

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