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Health, Fitness & Medical Assessment

The Til Valhalla Veterans Charity offers a specialised Health, Fitness and Medical Assessment tailored to the unique needs of our veterans. With a choice of 45 testing protocols, our assessments provide a detailed overview, comparing results to population norms for age and gender.

Our assessment is provided in an easy-to-read graphical format and accompanied by personalised advice to empowers veterans on their wellness journey.

Tailored Support for Veterans:

- Holistic Assessment: Body Composition, Aerobic Capacity, Blood Pressure, Strength, Flexibility, Lung Function and more.
- Medical Insights: In-depth blood tests and dynamic cardiac risk assessments.
- Personalised Guidance: Graphical reports with custom advice and information.

Our assessments, recognised as a benchmark in fitness and wellness reporting, cater specifically to the diverse needs of veterans. By leveraging this comprehensive tool, veterans can gain valuable insights into their health, fostering a proactive approach to well-being. The Til Valhalla Veterans Charity is proud to offer this empowering resource to support our veterans in achieving their physical health and fitness goals.

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