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Our Vision

To be a beacon of unwavering friendship, support, employment and community for UK and FVEY veterans and their families, as well as to honour their service through providing comprehensive assistance in civilian life at any time.

Til Valhalla Charity envisions a future where all veterans receive the necessary guidance and resources to thrive in their post-military endeavours.

On the right road
Supporting British veterans

Our Mission

To support veterans and former personnel of the British armed forces and FVEY coalition nations residing in the UK by focusing on key areas—enhancing mental health, physical well-being and employment opportunities. We strive to be a steadfast source of friendship and support, aiding veterans and their spouses in discovering fulfilling careers. Our commitment encompasses vocational training and a range of programmes dedicated to improving overall well-being. Our commitment extends to providing public benefits to the local community through our inclusive activities.

A helping hand

Give Support

After the military, life can be challenging and your assistance is needed by veterans and their families.
Donate, contribute, organise a fundraiser, or join forces with us - together we can create positive change.

You are not alone

Get Support

If you are a veteran and would like to speak to us about your mental or physical health and would like our support for training and employment then read about how we can support you and make contact with us.

Success Story

“There were many years struggling with work after leaving the forces. In 2022 Til Valhalla charity put me through various qualifications.  Then after a successful work experience I secured a job with an international company. I could not be happier.”

Marcel Velleman, Veteran, Airmobile Brigade, Netherlands

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